About me

Hello!  I'm glad you made it to my website.  I'd like to tell you a little about my education, training, clinical experience, and counseling style so you can see for yourself if I would be a good fit for your therapy needs.


In 2014, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas.  Prior to that, I obtained my Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University.  (As a California native, I sure am happy to be back on the west coast!)


While I work with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of concerns, I specialize in working with LGBTQ individuals and their families.  My approach is client-centered and I enjoy working with clients in all areas of gender identity/exploration as well as sexuality.  My dissertation research examined interventions aimed at improving school climate for LGBTQ high school students.  And, apparently the research impressed my committee so much they passed me with honors (I'm blushing).  Although I was proud of such an accomplishment, I am more focused on creating a warm and affirming space for clients to experience personal growth.  

In addition to working with LGBTQ clients, I also have two years of experience working at the Topeka VA with Veterans who have PTSD.  I received extensive training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), an evidence-based psychotherapy for individuals who have experienced combat or sexual trauma.  I believe everyday life activities can be significantly impacted by traumatic experiences, and I have seen clients make amazing changes in their life after CPT.  


I am also trained to work with clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, AD/HD, adjustment disorders, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders.  I also conduct psychological testing for various mental health concerns, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Unfortunately, I do not have training to work with clients who are experiencing eating disorders that are the focus of clinical attention.   


On a personal note, I am a lesbian cisgender female, and as a white woman, I experience white privilege.  I believe in the importance of improving racial justice and I am working to be anti-racist.  I am married with two children (who help me remember what is important in life).  I enjoy baking cupcakes, putting IKEA furniture together, and looking up Pinterest projects.  I hope this information has helped you decide if I would be the right psychologist for you!


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