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Although I am neurotypical, many of my clients are autistic or neurodivergent.  There is some new research indicating that many gender diverse individuals are also neurodivergent.  Here is what you should know about my approach to working with autistic and ND clients:


I will not offer suggestions to make you look more neurotypical.  There is nothing wrong with being neurodivergent. 


I will support and encourage you to engage in stimming behaviors that help you regulate your body and emotions.


I will help you process neurotypical expectations and decide if/how/when you might want to "unmask"


I will often focus on your sensory experiences and explore how they might be affecting your distress in various situations.


I will be aware of the double empathy problem as a neurotypical provider and work to understand your experiences as a neurominority.

Affirming Websites

How to ADHD - Videos and resources for ADHDers

Neuroclastic - Writings by autistic individuals on a variety of topics

Neuroqueer - Writings by Nic Walker 

Matt Lowry's Meme Gallery - Affirming memes about neurodiversity

100 Books - A list of affirming books

Autism Level Up - Tools and resources

Embrace Autism - Resources and free tests

Parenting Resources

In-Tune Pathways - Parenting resources by Kristy Forbes

AspergersExperts - Parenting courses (note, many autistic people no longer use the term Aspergers)


People I follow on Social Media

Fidgets and Fries

Autistic Typing


Danny with Words 

Niko Boskovic

Ben B In my own words 


Holdnerness Family - 

Not an Autism Mom

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